Melbourne Business School Short Courses Managing and Leading Change

Managing and Leading Change

A change management course teaches you how to support yourself, your team and your organisation to influence stakeholders and navigate change.

2 days

Managing and Leading Change Overview

Get the practical tools and frameworks you need to implement change within your organisation.

Get the practical tools and frameworks you need to implement change within your organisation.

Our Managing and Leading Change course is a hands-on program that will teach you the essentials about driving change and supporting people through periods of transition.

The program includes a simulation exercise as well as modules on the emotions and psychology of change, effective communication strategies and how to work with resistance from others.

Who Should Attend Managing and Leading Change?

Managers and Professionals

  • Responsible for teams, functions or projects
  • Dealing with significant change
  • Having personal responsibility for implementing change.

Managing and Leading Change Key Takeaways

Understanding Change

  • Understand the mechanics and human element of change
  • Understand why change often fails.

Managing and Leading Change

  • Employ an overarching model for managing and leading change
  • Recognise your preferred approach to change, and your strengths and development areas.

Preparing for Optimal Outcomes

  • Apply tools and strategies to ensure better success with change
  • Establish organisational readiness to change.

Influencing and Communicating Effectively

  • Increase your personal influence
  • Inspire people to adopt change initiatives.

Managing and Leading Change Topics Covered

Change icon

Conceptualise Change

Learn about the different types of change, change models and how to implement them.
Self Awareness icon

Increase Self-awareness

Understand your personal responses to change and how it affects you and those around you.
Resilience icon

Power and Influence

Discover how your influence and actions can prepare your team for transition and overcome resistance.
Starting Point icon

Action Plan

Develop an action plan to help you take the next step to implement your change agenda successfully.

Managing and Leading Change Success Story

The program helped me to delve into the sort of operator I am and work toward getting people on board to achieve change in the workplace.

Communications and Marketing Manager, Vicsport

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Managing and Leading Change Key Facilitator

Dr. Danielle Payne

Dr. Danielle Payne


Danielle has worked as an expert in leadership development, organisational change and HR over the past 20+ years for businesses such as Accenture and Aesop, consulting to clients across all industry groups, as well as lecturing in organisational change at Monash University, and facilitating various programs at the Melbourne Business School.

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17 - 18 Jun Carlton
2 days
$3,400 AUD
9 - 10 Oct Carlton
2 days
$3,400 AUD

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