Melbourne Business School News How a Master of Marketing prepared Teresa Hang for success

How a Master of Marketing prepared Teresa Hang for success

Teresa Hang came to Melbourne Business School to improve her confidence as a marketer. She also found her voice.

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Teresa began by studying economics in her undergraduate degree, but soon realised that her true calling was in marketing. After graduating, she was able to secure a junior marketing position at Australia Post.

Teresa quickly moved up the ranks into a senior marketing strategy and analytics role, finding her niche in consumer behavior and market research.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Teresa found herself with spare energy and time – so she asked her colleagues and mentors about further study options.

She eventually chose to study a Master of Marketing at Melbourne Business School to solidify and broaden the knowledge she’d already picked up through her career.

“Because I studied economics in my undergrad, most of what I knew about marketing had been from on-the-job learning,” Teresa says.

“I was always a bit unsure as to whether it was best practice or not. I wanted to one day be a leader that is confident and skilled in all aspects of marketing.” 

Applying new lessons at work

Teresa sees her career in consumer insights as representing the voice of the consumer.

“It’s not just numbers in a spreadsheet, it’s actual people. It’s my job to champion the customer’s voice and help embed that in the company’s decision-making,” she says.

Studying a Master of Marketing part-time while working full-time allows Teresa to apply what she learns in the classroom directly to her job.

“I've just been so impressed with the marketing faculty, and I feel like they take a very holistic and realistic view,” she says.

“It’s not just theories from a textbook. They are always acknowledging how it’s evolved and how it will continue to evolve.”

As well as learning new marketing skills, the general management subjects have also helped Teresa to hone her leadership abilities.

“I’m currently studying Managing Diversity in the Workplace and I thought I was already quite informed on the topic, but it’s really opened my eyes to all the different challenges that minorities and people of color face in the workplace and given me a really good toolkit,” she says.

“I’m now more comfortable to question my own set of beliefs which will hopefully make me a more empathetic and informed leader in the future.”

Forging lifelong friendships

One of Teresa’s favorite aspects of studying at Melbourne Business School has been engaging with her classmates. As we all tend to gravitate towards people who have similar world views to our own, the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures has been invaluable.

“I’m in a classroom with people who are directors of engineering companies, lawyers, surgeons and so many other different backgrounds compared to the people who I would never typically interact with,” she says.

“I have found that my confidence in the workplace has skyrocketed since studying the Master of Marketing. I know I have a valuable perspective to offer and that I deserve a seat at the table.”

Teresa has also made lifelong friendships through taking part in student events and clubs, including serving as the Marketing and Communication Lead for the Student Representative Council.

“I’m going to carry the skills and mindset with me for the rest of my career. It’s really opened my eyes up to things that I had never imagined.”

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