Keke Song

Associate Professor of Finance

Keke joined Melbourne Business School in 2016 as an Associate Professor of Finance.

After completing his PhD in Finance at York University in Canada, Keke held a number of positions at Dalhousie University for six years, including Associate Professor, and received teaching excellence and research accolades.

Keke’s research has been published in distinguished journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Journal of Banking & Finance, and most recently has focused on the short selling of financial stocks in a crisis. His research has also received awards from the Journal of Financial Economics and a number of finance associations around the world.

Keke teaches Financial Management on our MBA programs.

Most Notable Research

Do hedge funds trade on private information? Evidence from syndicated lending and short selling’, Massoud, N, Nandy, D, Saunders, A & Song, K, Journal of Financial Economics, 2011, vol. 99, no. 3, pp. 477–499.

Which financial stocks did short sellers target in the Subprime Crisis?’, Journal of Banking and Finance, May 2015, Hasan, I, Massoud, N, Saunders, A & Song, K, Journal of Banking & Finance, vol. 54, pp. 87–103.

Do markets like frozen defined benefit pensions? An event study’, Milevsky, M & Song, K, December 2010, Journal of Risk and Insurance, vol. 77, no. 4, pp. 893–909.

Most Recent Awards

Management Teaching Excellence Award, 2015, Dalhousie University

Best Paper in Risk Management, Banking, and Financial Services Award, 2014, Global Finance Association

Faculty of Management, Untenured Faculty Achievement in Research, 2013, Dalhousie University

Fama/DFA Prizes for Capital Markets and Asset Pricing, 2011, Journal of Financial Economics

Best Paper in Financial Markets, 2010, Northern Finance Association